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Off Track Door Repair - AA Garage Doors

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An off-track garage door is a major safety concern. Let AA Garage Doors fix your garage door track and roller in central Florida and get a more functional home.
There are few garage door problems that are as shocking and as jarring as a door that goes off track. When your garage door works, it’s probably one of the most convenient features of your home. When it fails, it’s a major interruption that could bring your entire day to a halt.
A door falling off track is easy to spot. You activate your remote, one side of the door starts to move up, and the other gets left behind. This could come with some grinding or knocking sounds before your opener detects a problem and tries to reverse the door. This comes with more grinding and scraping before you manually turn off the system.
As you think about it, it starts to look like a nightmare scenario. If the damage is bad enough, it could mean you need to replace your garage door. If you try to force the door, it could pull the tracks from their mounting points, leading to extensive repair needs.
You might start panicking when your door falls off the tracks, but you don’t actually need to. With AA Garage Doors, you can schedule an emergency callout for off-track garage Door.

What Causes a Garage Door to Fall Off Its Tracks?
The need for off-track garage door repair usually arises because one of both of your garage door cables has broken. Cables play an essential role in both garage door operation and safety. They counter the weight of the door so that it is smoothly guided when moving up and down in the tracks.
When one or two cables fail, the door has nothing to keep it in balance. It becomes lopsided, and the force of the motor can push the rollers outside of the tracks.
Even if your door hasn’t yet come off the tracks, but it is unbalanced on either side, it’s time to talk to a professional. Ignoring the problem could lead to a costlier repair.

Don’t attempt to repair the problem alone. Book AA garage doors. Let Is Help You Fix It!
Our technicians are highly trained and regularly up skilled to prevent injuries and ensure excellent results.
Our technicians will:
• Inspect your garage door tracks for damage. An unbalanced door can cause damage to tracks, which could lead to ongoing problems. We will repair or replace tracks when necessary.
• If your cables have failed or if they show signs of damage, they will be replaced to ensure that risk is minimized.
• We will check track and roller alignment. Rollers can wear down over time and may lead to a door falling out of its tracks. We can replace worn rollers with nylon or steel parts, depending on your system and preference.
• Tracks will be cleaned of any debris and lubricated with high quality and long-
Off-track garage door repairs are typically completed within the day. You can get a free estimate now or call us for an emergency technician visit.



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